Dream Street Realty

Keep more of your home equity…

Dream Street Realty offers all the services of traditional real estate brokerages for a flat $2,500 listing fee plus a competitive 3% broker co-op. This gives our clients great savings! We are truly full service and utilize the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to cooperate with all agents throughout the Des Moines metro, effectively selling your home.


Your Journey

“Whether you are considering a move from the home you raised your family in, or you are looking to finally become a homeowner, you are on a real estate journey. We all have a strong desire for the perfect dwelling place. As time marches on… job transfers and career changes… from parenthood to empty-nester… in the gain or loss of loved ones… our housing needs continue to change. I strive to help you complete the transition efficiently and economically while utilizing modern technology and marketing. My motto is to be ‘Your Real Estate Advocate and Guide’, no matter where the journey takes you.”

–  David Charlson


Andrew & Carissa’s Home Story

I met Andrew and Carissa at a listing of mine while they were out house hunting. Like so many people I meet, they were thinking of making a housing change but needed some help. This couple knew they need more space and they were certainly headed in the right direction. We were able to get their home listed and sold very quickly and also found the perfect upgrade for them in a reasonable amount of time. Everything went so smoothly with this family and it was a joy to work with them!

Land under $60K

Buy a piece of land around Des Moines for under $60K! Here are over 70 properties, one of which might make the perfect building site for your next home.